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Leaving It Better than
We Found It

Thank You for All Your Support!

Here Is a Look at the Financial Support Needed for Our Final Leg of the Journey.

We Need Your Help!

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The primary goal of Blooming Abroad has always been to leave Tatárszentgyörgy better than we found it.

This village is a model for what is possible in Roma villages all across central and eastern Europe.


As we prepare to transition back to the United States this December, getting across the finish line is not enough. 

With new facilities in place, keeping the programs running will be more important than ever.


We're doing everything we can to find and continue partnerships so that together, we can help the youth and cafe ministries bloom!

A Closer Look

We need your help in the following 3 areas:


  • Total Monthly Costs $3,000

  • Local Workers

    • Manager + 3 part-time workers

    • $2,000 monthly

  • Operational Costs

    • $1,000 monthly​


  • Total Monthly Costs $500

    • Food, Excursions, Christmas Giving, Summer Camp

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Your Next Step

  • Monthly Givers: Will you continue giving through March 2024?

  • One-Time Givers: Will you consider partnering with Blooming Abroad to continue resourcing the local ministries of Tatárszentgyörgy in 2024 and beyond?

  • First-Time Givers: Will you consider giving what you can or more than you can spare? 


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