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     "The goal has been to create a community center out of this building, with a café that will be a sanctuary for families, children, and hurting people who have been marginalized by a cycle of poverty. It is a space for activities, camps, English classes, and now coffee."

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"Our HOPE Youth Gatherings focus on coming alongside children and young people in their walk through life. Having a space where they can feel safe and happy, and people that will help them and teach them a new way is paramount."

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"As part of our mission, we are working to come alongside families to bolster and uplift them, showing them new ways to live both physically and spiritually. This is slow and hard work, but by finding a way to reach these families, we can make a difference in the life of Tatárszentgyörgy."

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"In Tatárszentgyörgy, there is a huge need for English teachers to help young people graduate high school, and to help adults find jobs. Our language classes will be an essential way for us to be part of the community and improve the lives of the people there."

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"We believe that the church is bigger than a building, more than a weekend activity, and broader than any sub-culture; we believe that the church is a people."

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