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Making a Difference Together: Looking Back on 2022

Thank You for All Your Support This past Year.

Here Is a Look at All We Accomplished Together in 2022.





  • Relationships

    • We spent much of this past year investing in individuals, children, and families across Hungary​

    • In Tatárszentgyörgy, we've worked hard to keep our team together and deepen friendships 

    • We concentrated on serving Géza and Ildikó and stayed committed to their vision

  • Youth

    • We invested a lot of resources into the youth of Tatárszentgyörgy, by teaching English at the school and leading weekly youth groups​

  • Café Construction

    • This project, a large reason for us being here has asked a lot of us this past year. We celebrate the recent completion of the construction and remain hopeful that our investments will begin to yield fruit



  • Ukrainian Outreach

    • Border Relief & Refugee Support​

      • Made 4 trips to the border, providing rides for families needing Visas, unloading and re-loading trucks, and organizing warehouses with goods heading into Ukraine​

      • Provided a week's vacation at Lake Balaton as well as additional financial support for the Timoka Family, a Ukrainian Roma Gypsy Family who were forced to leave their home

  • Coffeehouse 

    • Construction

      • Invested $12,261 into the renovation of the space​

      • Worked closely with Géza, Ildikó, Miki, and the workers to negotiate and create solutions for ongoing project obstacles caused by rising costs due to inflation, as well as material and worker shortages

    • Fundraising 

      • Met with staff, then drafted, and submitted an application for what would become a $26,000 grant from Trinity Church to complete the Coffeehouse​

    • Building a Team

      • Provided a trip to Gyergyószentmiklós, Romania for 6 team members and their children, many had never flown before, to observe and learn about a Coffeehouse Ministry there​

    • Operational Planning  ​

      • Cullen's coffeehouse and leadership experience earned him the responsibility of planning, preparing, and making important decisions on the future operations of the coffeehouse ​

      • Sarah's administrative gifts and organizational expertise earned her the responsibility of documenting, analyzing, and creating important spreadsheets throughout the construction phase. This will continue as we prepare and eventually open the coffeehouse


4 Trips to the Ukrainian Border

$12,261 Invested into the Renovation of the Space


Over 1,500 Meals for Children in Tatárszentgyörgy



  • Launched a Weekly Youth Group in Tatárszentgyörgy

    • Has since grown to 2 groups with 40 students regularly attending

    • Will launch a 3rd group before the end of the year

    • Provided over 1,500 meals for children in Tatárszentgyörgy at our youth groups

  • Taught Over 240 English Lessons at the school in Tatárszentgyörgy

  • Co-Led a Weekly Youth Group in Budapest

  • Planned & Led 3 Summer Youth Camps

    • Provided a week-long summer camp at Hungary's vacation destination for 20 students who rarely leave Tatárszentgyörgy​

  • Helped Start 1 House Group in Tatárszentgyörgy

  • Attended & Preached at 2 Hungarian Gypsy Outreach Conferences 

  • Taught 2 Semesters at Károli University In Budapest



  • In 2022, the generosity of our Blooming Abroad partners allowed us to invest over $18,000 directly into the community of Tatárszentgyörgy

  • We did our part in aiding our Ukrainian neighbors 

  • Receiving our salary from our Blooming Abroad partners has allowed us to work without relying on wages from the community we are investing in 

2022 BA Expenses-1 (2).png
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