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Leaving It Better than
We Found It

Thank You for All Your Support!

Here Is a Look at the Financial Support Needed for Our Final Leg of the Journey.


We Need Your Help!

BIG update: 

We decided to move back to the USA in December of 2023. That means THIS year!

As such, our fundraising is mostly on track. But we still need approximately $3,000 to accommodate our final month and our travel back.  

A Closer Look


  • $3,360 monthly

  • $400 monthly  -  healthcare


  • $350 monthly - gasoline

  • $500 annually - emergency, service, oil changes,

and highway fees

General Business

  • $35 monthly - 2 business phones

  • $10 monthly - Wifi

  • $700 annually - business trips ($60 monthly)

  • $500 annually - foreign fees ($42 monthly)

Community Fund

  • $400 monthly

    • youth group and food for youth, meals for villagers/leaders, extra camp costs, building expenses (leftover funds)


  • $300 monthly

    • Emergency costs, business expenses, car repairs, inflation costs, etc. 

2023 Personal Breakdown-1 (3).jpeg
BA Donations brkdwn-1.png

Donations Breakdown

From February of 2021 until current day, we have received $34,200 in one-time donations!

Thank You!

In addition to these one-time gifts, we also currently receive $2,200 in monthly donations

Your Next Step

  • Monthly Givers: Will you continue giving until 2024?

  • One-Time Givers: If you give again, we'll reach 70% of our goal! Will you give a second time?

    • Will you consider giving double?

  • First-Time Givers: Will you begin giving what you can either monthly or with a one-time gift?


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