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"Home Away From Home" Year-End Giving

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters,

We are rounding out our first season of work here in Hungary. We've come so far these past months... but still have so far to go.

For many, Christmas is a season of celebration and an opportunity to reconnect as a family. For some, Christmas is a moment to pause and reflect on the miraculous and humble beginning of the life of Jesus. The God who chose to come to Earth as a baby.

This year as we celebrate, pause, and reflect; we are humbled and overwhelmed by the opportunities we have been given here in Hungary.

From the moment we arrived in August, we have sought to provide a Home Away From Home for the children here. This continues to be our number one priority and as we round out this year, we can confidently say establishing this home away from home is presently our greatest achievement.

Why is this Home Away From Home necessary?

So far, every child that we encounter on a regular basis is an orphan. Yes, we said every.

These children have seen addiction, imprisonment, and death up close and personal through the lives of their parents and families. As a result, they have not received the love and attention that is essential during these formative years. Many routinely exhibit a lack of trust for adults trying to show them the love and care they deserve.

These children need people who care enough about them to provide them with not just necessities, but who will also go above and beyond to deliver some of their desires as well. This Christmas, we are making sure they get to be kids again for at least one day!

We Need Your Help

1. We Are Going above and beyond to Give Our Kids a Christmas They Will Never Forget!

We have already started shopping for 13 special students who have given us their dream Christmas lists! Scooters, Bluetooth headphones, pink bicycles, and more!

2. We Are Expanding Youth Programs in 2022!

Did you know that for the past 18 weeks you have bought dinner every Thursday night for these kiddos?! Every penny of your donations will go directly towards funding our existing weekly youth group and sports events and ALSO towards new after-school individualized tutoring, recreational trips to horse farms, the movies, and more.

3. We Are Starting Construction on This Home Away from Home, a Cafe and Community Center in 2022!

You've seen the updates, it's time to make this dream come true! There is truly no place like this in Tatárszentgyörgy. We have been tasked with leading this project as well as managing the cafe operations once construction is complete!

Blooming Abroad is partnering with existing ministry and business partners Géza and Ildikó Kovács in Tatárszentgyörgy to fund the construction of this facility in 2022. In addition to donations, if you have experience with construction, we need your help this Spring and Summer! Email us at

This is a huge undertaking but one that would truly change this village and provide a Home Away From Home for the young people of Tatárszentgyörgy for many years to come.

How to Give

Simply click the yellow button here or click on any of the DONATE buttons throughout our site

This is an invitation to go above and beyond regular giving or to consider giving for the first time! Thank you in advance for your support as we work together to build a Home Away From Home for these beautiful children!

We love all of you and hope that you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas season!

-Cullen, Sarah, and Copper

A photo with our neighbors Magda, Istvan, and their son

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